Switch Your Fears: Embracing Fear As A Motivational Force

Everyone experiences fear. Regardless of your level of success or accomplishments in life, fear is a universal element of the human experience. Despite what some think, fear can be a positive force, serving as a powerful motivator. In fact, the brain processes fear and motivation in the same area, intertwining these emotions. Fear and motivation go hand in hand.

However, living on the other side of motivation lies fear’s shadow. If allowed, fear can become paralyzing, rendering us stagnant and unable to progress. There are two main types of fear that exist in the world: the fear of staying the same and the fear of the unknown. 

While one of these fears can be conquered, the other remains a constant presence.If you find yourself in a position you do not desire, the fear of staying the same should serve as a driving force to initiate change and seek the unknown. When your back is against the wall, remaining unchanged offers no gains. By succumbing to the fear of staying the same, the fear of the unknown can never outweigh it.

Living without fear may be an unrealistic goal, but learning to coexist with fear is essential. Fear is an ever-present companion in our lives. It will always exist, but it doesn’t have to hold us captive. Instead of attempting the impossible task of eliminating fear, we must open ourselves up to understanding what our fears truly are and how to manage them effectively.

Your fear will likely fall into one of two categories: the fear of the unknown or the fear of remaining in your current situation. None of us can control the future entirely. While we can anticipate and prepare for potential events, the future will always possess an element of uncertainty. Overcoming the fear of the unknown entirely may be unrealistic, but we can harness it as motivation.

By allowing the fear of the unknown to inspire action, you will spend your time striving to create the best possible circumstances for yourself and those around you. No longer will you be torn between the fear of change and the fear of remaining stagnant.

You will come to realize that only one of these fears carries negative consequences and holds you back from future success. It’s time to switch your fears. Once you make this shift, you will begin to understand that the fear of the unknown is natural. You are not alone in experiencing it, and it presents yet another opportunity to motivate yourself towards growth and achievement.

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