Taking Ownership Of Your Own Results 

We’re always seeking better results, but whose responsibility are those results?

In the book It’s Called Work for a Reason, author Larry Winget says that your results are your own fault. If we take that kind of ownership for our own results, we will make progress. We will have the life that we desire.

In the book Extreme Ownership, author Jocko Willink says the same thing: take responsibility for everything and you’ll be much happier and more fulfilled. 

If you catch yourself not having the results that you want in your personal or professional life, it’s your fault. Somebody once said to me, “You know why your life sucks? It’s because you suck.” It’s the truth. It’s our responsibility. If you take ownership of all your results, you’ll get better results. 

What do you need to put in place to get better results?

You need to understand how to manage your time. Do some work and training on time management. Use a planner or do daily 15-minute “sprints” to ensure you’re doing the most important things first. Don’t operate only in the whirlwind, such as checking your email as soon as you wake up. Don’t let your inbox manage your life. If you don’t manage your time, everybody else will. If you establish your three most important tasks in the morning and you get them done by the end of the day, then it’s a successful day. 

If you want better results, get intentional.

Intentional living, not good intentions, is what gets things done. 

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