The Power Of The 15 And 5 Principles: Transforming Customer Experiences

Creating exceptional customer experiences should be a shared goal across all businesses, aiming to be known for their friendliness, attentiveness, and ability to anticipate needs, but achieving this requires intention and understanding of simple principles.

The renowned 15 and 5 Principle, popularized by Marriott Hotels, emphasizes the importance of making eye contact and acknowledging individuals within 15 feet with a gesture, followed by a warm smile and greeting when they come within 5 feet, making a significant impact on customers interactions.

Implementing the 15 and 5 Principles distinguishes businesses by prioritizing genuine connections, ensuring customers feel seen, appreciated, and setting a positive tone for their entire experience.

Recognizing team members as internal guests and treating them with the same courtesy cultivates a healthy culture where mutual respect prevails, inspiring exceptional service and benefiting the overall customer experience.

Small actions, such as eye contact, nods, smiles, and sincere greetings, have a profound impact on customer satisfaction, creating an attentive and caring impression that sets businesses apart.

Incorporating the 15 and 5 Principles involves discussing it with your team, emphasizing genuine connections and exceptional service, encouraging awareness of customer experiences, and consistently practicing eye contact, smiles, and warm greetings.


By embracing the 15 and 5 Principles, businesses can elevate themselves above average, creating a reputation for friendliness, personalized service, and anticipation of customer needs. Start making eye contact, offer smiles, and say hello—experience the positive impact it has on customers and the organization as a whole.

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